Wednesday, August 18

The Tempest

Here is another poster exploration. This time for Shakespeare's Tempest

Sunday, August 15

Star Gazing with the Space Ranger

As a kid, my family often went camping in the Shenandoah mountains. I always loved going to the park ranger activities. Once we went on a night hike, and except for the bugs, it was great. I decided to use that as a basis for this image and thought it would be fun to exchange the National Parks ranger with a Space Ranger. They are better guides when viewing stars anyway.

Friday, August 13

Illustration Friday: Star gazing

I think this is what the astronauts are really doing when they go out on their space walks to "supposedly" fix the space station....

Thursday, August 12

Illustration Friday: Caged

Here's a new gouache illustration for this week's Illustration Friday word: "Caged". I thought it'd be fun to do a traveling circus of monsters.
An elf ant and a frumpling

A Snaggle-tooth Devil in a Blue Dress

A Paraframp Manzapple Eater -- Very Rare!

Tuesday, August 3


While out bird watching the other morning, I came across this little fellow. Obviously separated from his mother, this baby Sasquatch looked a little nervous. I didn't want to get too close or scare him off. Beautiful what you can see while communing with nature.

Friday, July 30

Poster: King Lear


Here's a poster design exploration. This time for King Lear. This would be a 4 color silkscreen. I saw a production of this at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The actor who played Lear was fantastic. I saw it almost 15 years ago and still remember it. It was also the first time I saw a thunderstorm on stage.

Poster Design - Comedy of Errors

I saw a fun production of A Comedy of Errors directed by an old friend at the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival last night. It played visually with Magritte paintings and had a great cast. It was closing night so it is no more.... but you should check out other productions by the BSF.

I thought it would be fun to design a poster for this play. I'd definitely produce it as a silkscreen. For those of you who are not familiar with the play, basically its about two sets of twins who don't know the other set exists and on top of all that they get mistaken for each other by everyone else. High-larity! For the wiki notes: Comedy of errors.

If you are in the NYC area this summer, you should also check out Hip to Hip Theatre company's production of Taming of the Shrew. They have a great poster (not designed by me) for this show as well.

You can learn more about this show here: They are a great company with very talented

Friday, July 23

Spaghetti Western

Here's poster design for the spaghetti western "Beyond the Law"

I wish movie posters were as exciting as rock posters. I'm a great fan of the movie posters created in Poland in the late 50s and the 60s. It was often difficult to get the marketing for movies during this time, so they created their own. Many are stunning and almost all are more interesting than what the studios put out. You can read more about it here.

Monday, July 19

Ribbon Ballet Dance-Off

After the fiercest Ribbon Ballet Dance-off this year, the hands-down, thunder-thigh winner of 2010 is Bobo Linda.


Wednesday, July 14

A Single Man

Started doodling while watching A Single Man. Very Beautiful film. This is kind of a caricature of  Julianne Moore's character.... but it looks like a new wave rocker too (ha ha).

Monday, July 12

Wrapping it up

Don't Look! I haven't finished wrapping your present yet!


Friday, July 9

Traveling to Utrecht

Here's a little picture I drew while thinking of my friend in the Netherlands. I would love to go back for a visit....Excuse me, while I go purchase a few helium balloons.

Friday, June 18

Monster BaseBall

Here's a little painting inspired by a little league game I got to see in Sheridan, WY on drive across the country. (I probably should have made the slug monster the slugger! Ha ha ha ha ha! Slug Slugger! Ha!)

Friday, May 7

FareStart 2010

This year's Guest Chef on the Waterfront is July 14. You can purchase tickets at . This is THE BEST food event in Seattle this summer. With over 70 of the area's most talented chefs, wineries, and purveyors of fine foods, it is not to be missed.

This year's artwork focuses on the theme of the Student Chef. I had a lot of fun drawing this one.

Monday, April 5


Bernard is an inter-glactic exchange student from the plant Zortog in the 5th dimension galaxy of Snorgalop. With his three feet he is an excellent dancer and is looking for that perfect host family, who is a bit alternative, and is into punk rock music.

Julie the Socktopuss

Meet Julie the Socktopuss! I met her this weekend.

Julie likes to wash up on the beaches of the Puget Sound. If you are the type who likes to go for long waddles down the beach, sip on kelp cocktails, and hug...tightly... with arms like suction cups --- the Julie is the gal for you!

(my new hobby.... sock monsters!)

Saturday, March 20


Nothing worse than expired milk. Every once in a while there will be this odor in the fridge....

In my younger days I used to just buy more milk and hope that the expired milk would just walk out of the fridge by itself. If you do this, be sure to warn your friends when you catch them rooting around in your refrigerator looking to take a quick swig of something. I've lost a friend or two over this.

Sunday, March 14

Subterranean: Going out to Play

Here's another gouache painting! I'm having so much fun returning to more traditional method of image making. This was done for the Illustration Friday site's word of the week: subterranean. I'm also exploring new environments to put characters in.

T. Roll Jr. is going out to meet his friends. No... he's not sneaking out at midnight. It's just the beginning of his afternoon. Hee Hee.

Sunday, February 28


Hoppy Cooking! These bunnies have been very busy getting ready for Sunday dinner. I hope that's a chocolate cream pie.

Saturday, February 27

Bunny Delivery

Just this morning I was looking out my window, when I saw this. I quick ran and got my camera. This was just one of many trips my neighbor was taking from his house to the truck. I was surprised to see him so busy with such a long ways to go until Easter.

I've been playing around with this new illustrations style. This painting was inspired by Mary Blair... one of my favorite illustrators!

Friday, February 26

Yippie! for Springtime

My family isn't too thrilled with me lately. I think this is probably because I keep sending them pictures of all the cherry trees, daffodils, azaleas and other plants in full bloom; while they are still digging out from under several feet of snow! I keep telling them they should move to the west coast!

Oh well... this was inspired by our recent springtime weather we've been having here in the Pacific Northwest. I LOVE IT! (The weather that is, although I like this painting okay too.)