Saturday, March 20


Nothing worse than expired milk. Every once in a while there will be this odor in the fridge....

In my younger days I used to just buy more milk and hope that the expired milk would just walk out of the fridge by itself. If you do this, be sure to warn your friends when you catch them rooting around in your refrigerator looking to take a quick swig of something. I've lost a friend or two over this.

Sunday, March 14

Subterranean: Going out to Play

Here's another gouache painting! I'm having so much fun returning to more traditional method of image making. This was done for the Illustration Friday site's word of the week: subterranean. I'm also exploring new environments to put characters in.

T. Roll Jr. is going out to meet his friends. No... he's not sneaking out at midnight. It's just the beginning of his afternoon. Hee Hee.