Wednesday, August 18

The Tempest

Here is another poster exploration. This time for Shakespeare's Tempest

Sunday, August 15

Star Gazing with the Space Ranger

As a kid, my family often went camping in the Shenandoah mountains. I always loved going to the park ranger activities. Once we went on a night hike, and except for the bugs, it was great. I decided to use that as a basis for this image and thought it would be fun to exchange the National Parks ranger with a Space Ranger. They are better guides when viewing stars anyway.

Friday, August 13

Illustration Friday: Star gazing

I think this is what the astronauts are really doing when they go out on their space walks to "supposedly" fix the space station....

Thursday, August 12

Illustration Friday: Caged

Here's a new gouache illustration for this week's Illustration Friday word: "Caged". I thought it'd be fun to do a traveling circus of monsters.
An elf ant and a frumpling

A Snaggle-tooth Devil in a Blue Dress

A Paraframp Manzapple Eater -- Very Rare!

Tuesday, August 3


While out bird watching the other morning, I came across this little fellow. Obviously separated from his mother, this baby Sasquatch looked a little nervous. I didn't want to get too close or scare him off. Beautiful what you can see while communing with nature.