Tuesday, June 9

150th Anniversary Logo for Towson University


I recently had the honor of designing the 150th Anniversary logo for Towson University, my current employer and alma mater.

The brand mark was created to commemorate Towson University’s sesquicentennial (that's a big fancy word for 150th anniversary) and usage began in late May.

The mark evolved out of past and present logo iterations and it is meant to represent Towson University as a forward-moving institution, with a solid history and strong sense of community; a place where diverse individuals spend a key point in their life’s journey to become effective, ethical leaders and engaged citizens.

I'll post some images of the logo in use as I see them pop-up around campus. Here's the first one, on signage attached to campus light poles.


Wednesday, June 4

Dance Poster

Once again, it's been forever and a day since I last posted. Here's a recent poster I created for Towson University. Towson has an excellent dance program.

Wednesday, December 4

A recent poster for the Expressionist play Machinal

Monday, January 28

Award-winning Magazine Spread

Here's a magazine spread I recently did for the Towson University Alumni magazine. It's a great story about two of our alumni introducing kids to dance and the world of hip-hop dance competitions

This magazine spread recently won GDUSA magazine's 2013 American Graphic Design Award. Check out the awards my fellow designers and I received

Super Synaptic Hats for Sale

Check out this super silly, super warm hats I've been making!

Tuesday, November 20

Brass Day: Poster Design

Here is a recent poster I designed for Towson University. It was awarded a Graphic Design USA, 2012 American Inhouse Design Award and a Graphic Design USA, 2012 American Graphic Design Award.

Sunday, May 20

Peter & Max

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been taking an oil painting class. This painting was done for the class final. The project's objective was to paint a picture based on a photo montage. I created the faces out of (about) 15 different faces. I then decided to make it a homage to a 1960s artist - Peter Max. Hence, the title.