Tuesday, August 23

Character Illustration: Thank You

I've been using the same image for Thank You Cards for a while now. I like this guy's pot belly and earnestness,but I decided to change things up a bit with this new guy...

Mr. Rah Rah Rah Tiger!

Sunday, August 14

Typography Discovery

I love a good display typeface. Who doesn't? I am continually inspired by well designed typefaces used in innovative and creative ways.

I recently stumbled upon Lost Type, a typography co-op. Not only are there beautiful, retro-inspired typefaces, but they can be used on a pay-what-you-can basis. Besides being affordable options for typefaces you may only need to use once or twice, the payment goes directly to the creator. That's a pretty good thing.

Hopefully, people will pay appropriate, real-world amounts for the use of these designs. There are many beautiful fonts here